Monday, July 7, 2008

My Day So Far

1. Woke up much earlier than I wanted to when Mark called me on his way to work to tell me that I needed to take my car in to get one of the tires fixed since it was leaking air. (Mark drove my parents' car to work today since they're letting us borrow it while they're out of town.)

2. Lollygagged to the extent that I didn't have time to get the tire fixed. Instead, I just got it filled with air and am taking it in after I get off work.

3. Got stuck behind all the slow people who are trying to save money on gas by going below the speed limit no matter what lane they're in.

4. Called work to let them know I'd be 15 minutes late. I HATE that.

5. Get to work and find out that I actually started LAST WEEK! Oops. No one noticed, though; I didn't get a call or anything. I also didn't have any appointments during that time. Still, it's really frustrating, and it means that I lost a day's pay.

6. Realize I forgot my flashdrive at home. I don't need it for work, but since I only have one appointment out of a possible eight today, it would have been nice to get some work done.

Those things usually add up to a bad day, but so far, it's not been too bad. When I got up this morning, I found an anniversary card waiting for me in the bathroom. That kind of thing usually gets your day off to a good start. I also got to see my best friend Rachel this morning when I dropped Steven off at her house. Steven wore his "My aunt loves me" shirt just for her :) I so thankful for her watching Steven for me today. I don't have to worry about him at all while he's with his Aunt Rachel!

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Sarah said...

I had fun getting caught up on all your posts. That is really awesome that the adoption process is almost complete. It must be such a relief to all of you. Steven is getting really big and is so cute. You are blessed with a very special little boy. Hope you feel better soon.