Thursday, July 3, 2008

First Big Boy Bath!

Up until this point, I've been giving Steven his baths on his yellow bear sponge in the bath tub. However, now that he can sit up like a pro, I pulled out his little bath seat from the basement and tried it out.

Steven did great! I was worried a little about the hair washing with the water going over his face, but he handled it pretty well. I had practiced some before by letting the water spray in his face. He always reacts, but he doesn't cry.

I also experimented with the video camera and tried it out while he was in the tub. Steven didn't do anything exciting, but now I know how to work it. When I used my regular camera, I didn't realize that the flash eliminated some of the shadows. Fortunately, I noticed this before posting the pictures. I'm trying to keep this a G-rated site :)

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Anonymous said...

Oh he looks like he is So happy!!