Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011

One Month Old!

It's hard to believe that Mabelyn is one month old today. Just in the past few days, we've seen a lot of changes in her. Her cheeks are filling out, and she's awake for longer periods of time. I need to get some updated pictures because all the ones I've taken in the past week or so are while she's sleeping, and I'm sure that grandparents would like to see pictures of her very blue eyes.

I'm finally starting to feel like myself again, and it helped that I was able to wear my old jeans again on Saturday :) Of course, they are low rise and were a bit big before I got pregnant, but still! It's nice that my incision area isn't hurting as much anymore--it hurt to wear even maternity jeans for a long time because it was all so sensitive.

Steven and Michelle have adjusted well to Mabelyn, and they both like to "help" with her. Steven loves holding her, even if she's crying, and Michelle likes to burp her and help with any bottles she may get. So far, I haven't gotten the sense that they are jealous of her at all, which surprises me. They have acted out, though, especially after the last family members left and Mark went back to work. It took a while to reassert myself as an authority figure and let them know that Mommy's rules are back in effect after several weeks of grandmas and Daddy being in charge. Overall, though, they are doing better than I anticipated. It's definitely been easier going from two kids to three than it was going from one to two, and I think part of that is their age and the fact that they have each other to play with while I take care of Mabelyn.