Thursday, July 31, 2008

At the Zoo!

Well, our trip to the zoo sure was adventurous today! Instead of going this morning like I originally planned, I decided that Steven needed to get a good nap today. We went after he woke up, and by the time he was fed, changed, dressed, and out the door, it was close to 3:30.

On the way to the zoo (we were pretty much there by then), I realized that I hadn't packed the stroller :( Since we only have one car, we don't keep it in the trunk anymore, so I have to remember to take it with me when I go places. There was no way we could do the zoo without a stroller, so we decided we would just have to rent one.

When we got to the zoo and went in, we found out that the zoo closed at 5:00 today. Ugh!! I was so glad that we have season passes! The family in front of us paid $62 for 1 1/2 hours at the zoo!

We saw an amazing number of animals considering the time we were there (which ended up being close to 2 hours). It was hot, and I was feeling faint by the end, but we had fun. Here are a few pictures from today.

Steven was so tired by the end--he didn't even wake up when we returned the stroller! I ended up waking him up when we got to the car because I couldn't put him in his car seat without changing him. He had soaked through his diaper, and he stunk! I changed him in the trunk of the car (my new favorite way to change him), and then we were good to go.

We'll be back to the zoo again sometime soon. . .preferably on a much cooler day!

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Brittany said...

Look at that photo of him sleeping on you!!! :) I love it!