Friday, July 11, 2008

Little Buddy in the Tub

Yesterday at Babies R Us, we were approached by a Kiddie Kandids worker and asked if she could take pictures of Steven and give us a free 8x10. Umm. . .yes! Steven was Mr. Personality while they took down our information, but then clammed up and got all serious as soon as it was time to take his picture. We finally got him smiling toward the end, and, of course, as soon as we were done, he was Mr. Personality again!

This is the picture that I picked, but I didn't pay extra to get it with the border and text. I added those through their site a few minutes ago.

They gave me referral coupons to give out--you get the same deal, a free 8x10. The nice thing? Absolutely NO pressure to buy anything!

I haven't blogged much this week because I just haven't felt up to it. However, we've had a number of things happen this week that I want to share. The one for now is that I took Steven to the doctor on Wednesday to have her check out his breathing. It sounded like he had a rattle in his chest, and I decided to get it checked out since I already had to stop by the office to get paperwork filled out and a copy of his immunization records to send in to the adoption agency.

I hadn't really paid attention to his breathing, but someone asked me about it last weekend, and that made me more aware of it. It wasn't constant, but it did come and go a lot. The doctor listened to his breathing (and of course it sounded fine!), and she said that since he didn't have a fever, runny nose, cough, etc. that he was fine. Babies don't cough/clear their throats like they need to, and sometimes that results in what sounds like a rattle in their throats.

When I went to pay, I knew that I owed for our last visit. I hadn't paid then because I found out that they accepted Medicaid, and I didn't have his card with me since I had never used it before. But, when I got there, I found out that they don't take his type of Medicaid (Omnicare), and that's why I owed for two visits. However, the lady at the desk told me that I had a credit on my account, and that I didn't owe anything for either visit. In fact, I think I still have $10 left! I have no idea why there was the credit, and she couldn't tell me either.

After the doctor's office, Steven and I went to lunch and shopping with my friend Rachel, and while we were at Kohl's, the doctor called us. The connection was bad, so if I moved (or breathed), she started cutting in and out. However, I'm pretty sure I got all the important stuff. When the nurse did Steven's vitals, she took his pulse twice. The first time it was 240 (really high), but the second time it was normal. I guess that there is some type of condition that can cause a rapid heart rate to come and go, and there is usually also some breathing difficulties (but nothing related to a rattle in the chest).

As a precaution, the doctor is sending us to the children's hospital to get a resting EKG which will be read by a pediactric cardiologist. If we feel his heart rate spike at all, then we need to take him in right away. I've never really felt his heart beat, but the doctor said to check it occasionally to see if I notice anything.

Right now, there is nothing to worry about, but it is a bit scary to have to take your baby to the hospital. I think we're going to do it on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. (It wasn't urgent to the point of having to do it right then, but it needs to be done in the next week or two.) I will let you know when we take him in and what the doctor says. Thank you for your prayers about this!


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