Monday, August 11, 2008

We Have a Tooth!

My mom discovered it today at lunch. She asked us if anything was close to popping through, and we both said no, not yet. When she mentioned that she might have seen something, I told her to feel his gums to see if there was anything. To our surprise, there was a little bit of a tooth poking through!

Steven's pretty much been his usual happy self. He drools constantly, but he's been doing that since February. He chews on everything, but he's done that since March. Wouldn't it be great if he handles all his teeth popping through so easily??

I don't have a picture, and I doubt I'll have one anytime soon. Once it pops all the way through, I'll try to get one.

Other news about Steven:

He eats chicken. We started this yesterday, and he seemed to like it. Today, he made quite the face when he got it, but he warmed up to it pretty quickly. I'm giving him plain grilled chicken, and I know when he tries something with seasoning, he'll love it.

He rolls all the time. It makes getting him dressed a bit harder, and it makes putting his cream on him after his bath outright dangerous. (Imagine wrestling with a naked baby who wants to be doing anything other than lying still getting his cream rubbed on!)

Steven is very grabby. Nothing is safe anymore. Not even the keys on the laptop (one of which he pulled off the other day!). We practically had to sit at a different table this week at Taco Bell to keep him from grabbing all our food. Fortunately, he had eaten before we went, and he finds endless amusement in napkins :)


Blueberry said...

a tooth! hooray!
bean was like that with her teeth, very little fuss and a whole lot of drool and biting.
here's to more fuss free teeth!!!

Brittany said...

a tooth?? That is SO exciting!! :) Yay, Steven! May all of his other teeth come in just as easily!