Friday, August 15, 2008

Playing in My Wagon

Yesterday, Mark installed Steven's bigger car seat in the car, and Steven and I played in his wagon. I think it's the only time he's been in his wagon without being in his car seat carrier. Usually I use the wagon to carry everything in the house when I come home from the store so I don't kill my back. Yesterday, though, we put him in the foot well (ours doesn't have seat belts like the newer ones), and I pulled him along the sidewalk around our house. He definitely likes his wagon!

He wouldn't look at me for a picture!

Still won't look!

Yummy cup holders!

Still won't look. . .

Getting closer. . .

(If you enlarge the picture, you should be able to see the tooth coming in on the bottom right!)


On Monday, I picked up a nearly perfect condition trailer for the wagon (out of someone's garbage!), but our wagon does not have a hitch. I e-mailed Step 2 to see if I can get an attachment, and they told me to call them with the specific model info. for my wagon. I haven't done that yet (just haven't had time to go out to the garage and make the call), but I hope that I can make the trailer work :)

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stephanie garcia said...

I love these wagons ... never owned one, but always wished I did! (: