Monday, August 4, 2008

At The Zoo With Daddy

A week and a half ago, Mark and I took Steven to the zoo after his EKG (which we're still waiting for the results of!). It was the first time any of us had been there, and we all enjoyed ourselves in spite of the stifling heat. We bought a membership while there and have already gotten almost all of our money's worth out of it.

We bought an individual plus one membership, which means that I have a pass in my name as well as a guest pass. I figured that Mark will only be going with us part of the time, and that way I can take anyone with me. Steven's free since he's under two (and will still be next summer). The pass covers parking too. For two adults and parking, it costs $27, and the membership only cost $60. Our third and following visits are virtually free!

Steven's favorite was the penguins. We don't have any pictures of them, but he enjoyed watching them swim by, right at his eye level.

All ready to see the animals!

A few exhibits later.

There are several small statues at the zoo, and Mark and I decided we're going to take Steven's picture next to them to chart his growth. Here he is at the first one. I love the little elephant!

Checking out the rhinos with Daddy.

Not so sure about the tiger.

My favorite animal, the hippopotamus!

The world's largest rodent. It's bigger than Sadie!

My member plus one pass means that I can take anyone with me, so if you're around here and interested in going to the zoo, let me know! (The only catch is that you'd have to drive since I don't have a car during the day.)


stephanie garcia said...

We bought a family zoo membership while we were in language school, and it was SO worth it for the several trips we made to the Brownsville zoo! What fun!! (:

Megan said...

I laughed at the "all ready to see the animals" picture and the one following. I was expecting him to be starting intently at some animal instead of sound asleep. So cute! Hope you have fun at the zoo. I can't wait to take Taeya...closest one is in Denver.