Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Loves His LeapFrog!

Up until this weekend, Steven was very content to sit and play with his toys. Not anymore. He wants to be moving. After I changed him this morning, I set him on the floor to play while I took care of the diaper. While he was wiggling around, he saw the LeapFrog table that I bought at our church's spring mom-to-mom sale.

Steven can roll over to get where he wants, but there were too many things in the way to do so in his bedroom. I ended up taking the table to the living room, cleaning it, finding batteries for it, and finally, standing him up to it.

It was an instant hit. Oh my, I've never seen him so excited about a toy! He stood there for a long time, turning the page in the little book, pushing the keys, leaning on the letters, and just having the time of his life.

This evening when my parents came over, I showed them his new table. As soon as I stood him up to it, he was so excited. When it started playing music, he actually started dancing! We were laughing so hard. When Mark came home, I showed it to him, and again, Steven just lit up when I put him next to it. He loves standing, and he really wants to walk.

He decided to walk along the table to get to the coffee table, and he was able to not only do so, but transfer to the coffee table and move a few steps down it too! He was concentrating so hard! He kept on looking at his feet while trying to get them to move. The best part is that we have it all on tape. I just might have to post it :)

Playing at the table for the first time.

Yeah, I'm cool!

So much fun!

So many things to explore.

Mom! Can't you see I'm busy!!


Brittany said...

Ohh man. That last photo is SO cute! I love the look on his face. ha ha ha. I can't wait to see you guys again! Maybe we should plan a little "half-way" trip, before it gets too cold?! :)

BECKY LYNN said...

Can you e-mail me....pitzr@hotmail.com
Somehow I have your wrong AGAIN and I wanted to give you some details!!!

Blueberry said...

he he! those are great pictures! he is SO cute!

Pam said...

He is so adorable with that toy! There is nothing like a boy with his toys. :-) (and that doesn't change with age!)

Pam said...

P.S. I have a couple toys to pass on to you if you want them - I'll bring them to church tomorrow and if we can catch each other you can take a look and decide if you want them or not. I won't be offended in the least if you choose not to take them. Just wanted to try and bless you! One is a learning to walk toy (an activity board with a handle that you push) and the other is an already walking toy. I should get your email so I don't have to keep leaving these personal messages on your blog! :-)