Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Cruising and A Crawling

It's official--the boy can both crawl AND cruise! His crawl is a modified army crawl, but it gets him where he wants to be. He can't move too fast, but that'll probably change in the next week or so. One thing I just discovered is that he can't go backwards. I think I'll be spending a lot of time rescuing him from corners and dead ends :)

Steven is so proud of himself when he walks from his play table to the coffee table. He's doing it right now, and he has a huge grin on his face. He also goes part way around the coffee table. Pretty soon nothing's going to be safe :(

1 comment:

Blueberry said...

oh wow! that is awesome.... for him. and a lot more work for you!! have fun keeping up with him!