Saturday, August 16, 2008

Eating My O's

Steven loves standing up, and a couple weeks ago, Mark started standing him up to the coffee table and giving him cheerios. Let's just say that it keeps him busy for a looong time! His coordination is really improving, so the majority of the cheerios make it into his mouth, but he still has times when he can't figure out where they went and they're stuck to the side of his face :) Steven always starts off very enthusiastically with two big handfuls; it's hilarious to watch!

Cheerios are serious business.

Yay! Cheerios!!

Can't you see I'm eating, Mom??

Standing up like a pro.

The ones that didn't make it in.

Time for the clean-up crew!

Hey, what are you doing??
I think we're going to video tape him this morning getting his cheerios. He's just too funny!

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Blueberry said...

i love that first picture! it looks like he can get his whole fist into his mouth! :)