Tuesday, August 12, 2008

At the Park With Mommy

This evening while Mark was out playing softball, Steven and I went to a local park. We've never really gone to a park before, and Steven was a bit unsure of it all at first. However, after I repositioned him in the swing, he decided he liked it.

There is also a splash park there, but it was past 8:00 p.m., we didn't have swim suits, and I had no intention of getting wet, so we'll have to try that out another day.

**Oh, and Mark won the first of their two softball games, which means they ended the season SECOND in the league!! (That's way better than they have ever done before!) They even beat the other team from our church--for the first time ever! Way to go, Mark!!


Brittany said...

Great shots of your little man! :)

Congrats, Mark!

Pam said...

Whoo-Hooo Mark!! And such cute pics of Steven! Oh my word, he is adorable!! (we love that park too!)

Anonymous said...

what great photos of steven!! yeah! He looks like he enjoyed the park!

stephanie garcia said...

He is SUCH a cute little guy! I love the look on his face in picture #4 - makes you wonder what mischievous thoughts are going on inside that little head!