Saturday, August 30, 2008

Holding His Own Bottle!

Steven has never really showed any interest in holding his own bottle. It would get frustrating at times because I would be in the middle of something or have to do something right then but couldn't because he really needed a bottle.

He's held his own sippy cup for a few months now (although he also wants me to hold it for him at times!) I had wondered if his sippy cup handles would fit on his bottle, but it seemed so unlikely that I didn't try.

I finally tried it last week, and it worked! Now he'll hold his own bottle! Yay to that!!

At the Zoo With His Bottle


Sarah said...

Such a big boy you have. It's nice to find easy ways to help them be self sufficient. Hope the paperwork gets done soon.

Anonymous said...

oh wow. that is great. that will make things just a little bit easier for you!