Sunday, November 18, 2007

Weekly Wrap

It was another good week this past week. I'm grateful for that!

1. Classes are continuing to go well, even if the students are disappearing. That tends to happen because once you get too far behind, it's impossible to catch up. No classes this week, and then only two weeks to go after that!

2. Still don't know anything about classes next quarter, but that's how it's been this year :(

3. FYI--If you decide to sand something in the basement and use an electrical tool, putting down a few sheets/blankets is NOT sufficient. It will get everywhere, and it will come up your heat vents! However, the high chair is looking really good. I meant to get a picture, but I didn't, and I'm too tired to go do it now.

4. Got my nose ring "fixed," well, at least I think so. I went back to the place I got it down, had it taken out, bent, and then put back in. Surprisingly, it didn't hurt too much at all, even after the 8-10 tries to get it back in!

5. Got an ice cream maker at Salvation Army on Friday. It's the same one my grandparents gave me when I was little--and it's even the same color (pink)! I was sooo excited, even though I spent a bit more on it than I wanted to.

I also got several books, some for me, some for the baby. After our last garage sale, we dropped off a lot of stuff, including tons of books. I caught myself starting to grab a book and then realized that I had donated it. Could you imagine Mark's reaction if I bought back a book I donated??

6. Three or four years ago we had my car fixed because of hail damage. They had to redo every panel on the car (gotta love Ohio storms!!). After it was fixed, the power windows didn't work, so I took it back. They fixed the windows, but one of the door locks was fickle and the exterior lock on the passenger side was pushed in really far. I didn't do anything about even though it bothered me at times.

Well, on Friday, I was coming back from the piercing place and decided to stop in the body shop. They have a lifetime guarantee of their work, but I felt kind of weird going in after all this time. But I did, and they're fixing it all for me tomorrow. Yay!

7. I was at a baby botique (aka expensive) store on Friday to ask about their adoption scrapbook pages. In talking to the woman, I found out that she has a friend who finds adoptive parents for newborns in Arizona. Her friend had called her a while back about a girl being born in December, but this woman was doing another round of fertility treatments. She gave the person another friend's number, so the child is probably taken. But she did take my name and number, and I also gave her my new adoption blog address. Maybe this will be the way we find our child!

8. Today was baby dedication Sunday at church, and I helped my dad with the ceremony. I was afraid that I had messed up, but I didn't. That was good :)

This month is also Adoption Awareness Month, so our church did a little thing for that too. That was pretty cool, and two of the babies dedicated today were adopted.

After church we went to our friends' house to celebrate their son's dedication. It was nice to catch up with a few friends that I haven't seen much of recently, and, of course, anytime you get to have cake is a good day. (And the cake was delicious, Marie!!)

9. That's pretty much it for this past week. On Wednesday Mark's family comes and then all the (fun) craziness begins!

Have a very blessed week!

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Anonymous said...

You have a nose ring?! Too cute! Pictures please :)