Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A much better day today!

I definitely needed a better day today, and God certainly knew it. This morning my amazing mother came over and helped me clean my house before our homestudy visit. She also finished the curtains that I was making for our office and helped me hang them. Our house looks really good right now!

I then went to work, and when I checked my e-mail I found out that I won 4 Pistons/Knicks tickets for the day before Thanksgiving (Mark's first choice)! Every year they raffle off a set of tickets for most of the home games, and I've never won before. I was so excited!

Then after tutoring in the Writing Center, I was in the faculty office eating and grading papers as fast as I could before my night class. Someone else was talking about how she won and how excited she was. She's been around longer than I have and hadn't won before either. I told her that I had won too, and then went back to my work.

A few minutes later, she asked me for my name and phone number, and once I figured out that she was talking to me, I asked her why. She said that if she didn't find two others to go to the game with her, she would give me two of her tickets (they're for Friday, Mark's birthday). During class she came in and gave them to me!! So we are going to TWO games in the next three weeks. All for free. And the seats are decent ones, not the nosebleeds.

My night class also went well despite some high drama during break. It was too much to hope for 10 straight weeks without high drama :)

Yay for a good day!


Lauren Darlin said...

if you need a filler for those seats, let me know. :)

OOH and im coming home next friday. skipping two days of classes.

Anonymous said...

praise the Lord for good days . . . and enjoy those games! Wow!

stephanie garcia said...

What a blessing to have your mom's help before the homestudy! ... how did it go??

Aunt J said...

Dear Bekah,
I check your blog every so often and have never commented, but your last two entries are choice so I had to.
God is so good to give you the scripture upon which you could meditate BEFORE you needed it to calm your soul. His care over us is just like that all the time, but I'm convinced we miss it.
Congratulations on the public acknowledgement of your great mom!
She is one of my favs, too.
Love & prayers,
Aunt Janetta