Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Homestudy, Highchair, and Other Randomness

Today was our second homestudy interview, this time at our social worker's house. It went really well, so that was good. We spent a few hours talking about our marriage and relationship, parenting, our view of birthparents/adoption questions/searching for birthparents.

We've thought and talked about this for so long that most of the questions are fairly "easy," but today we were asked one that made us both stop and basically say "we don't know." It definitely gives us more to think about.

Our social worker is pretty confident that our next visit will be our last visit. That would be wonderful. Pray for us as we continue in this process. Some of the answers to our questions at the end of the interview were not what we expected and so that has us a bit unsettled. Overall, though, it's been a good process!

Remember the highchair I started working on a long long time ago? Well, we worked on it this weekend and made some great progress. It's still got a ways to go--finish the sanding, staining it, and reassembling various parts. But at least we're making progress again!

Before we started anything.

Working on it again, this time in the basement.

Yesterday Katie and I were at K-mart looking for blankets (we've been practically everywhere and still haven't found them!), and I saw a clearance section over by the baby stuff. We went to check it out and found Halloween candy 90% off. No chocolate, of course, but I was really excited when I found Sponge Bob Krabby Patties.

You're probably wondering why, and the answer is that I use them in my Comp. I/II classes to illustrate how to use quotes/paraphrases. I stocked up on some last Easter, and it's not like they go bad, but when I saw the big box of them, I had to get it. I actually got both boxes they had, and each one has 88 patties in it. I'm set for a long time!

Oh yeah, it was originally $10, and I got it for $1.00! And the box is actually a carrying case. Yay!!

Hmm, I think that's enough for today. Have a great Tuesday!

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