Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mark's Birthday

Friday was Mark's 28th birthday, and it was quite an interesting day.

1:15--picked up Katie from work
1:16--we to the gas station, praying that we wouldn't run out of gas on the way :)
1:20--go to dealership to get headlight replaced so we can take my car to the game that night
2:00--go to the mall to find a few more things for Mark's birthday (very successful--found a few things one clearance for us too!)
3:15--got to leave the mall to rush home and make Mark's cake before he gets home
3:16--car won't start--doesn't even try to start
3:17--car still won't start
3:18--try one more time to start car and then call Mark (happy birthday!)
3:19--call AAA (VERY glad we renewed our membership last month! my grandma always bought it for us, and I didn't know that Mark had decided to renew it)
4:00--AAA comes and successfully jump starts car (says battery looks really bad, not really a surprise since it's almost 6 years old)
4:01--drive back to dealership
4:25--explain problem to dealership
4:26--they test the battery. it comes back as better than new???
4:30--car starts as if nothing had happened!
4:35--get home, right after Mark (so no cake)
5:15ish--went to game
11:00ish--get home, exhausted

At the Pistons/Clippers game

Our seats were the 7th row of the upper level, but this makes it look really high up there!

It was a complete blow out. We left halfway through the 4th, and we were up by 30.

On Saturday we went to my parents' house to watch part of the OSU game :( and have birthday cake. I used my new silicon round cake pans and learned that you need to spray them before using them (I wasn't sure so I didn't). His boston cream pie cake became a truffle.

28 candles make a lot of heat! It took him 5 tries to blow them all out, and by then, the chocolate was starting to melt!

Overall, I think he'd say it was a pretty good birthday!

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Brittany said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Mark!