Sunday, November 11, 2007


Our homestudy went exceptionally well. The questions were variations of the ones we answered for our self studies, but this time we were able to go into a bit more detail since we didn't have to write them all out :) Mark and I caught ourselves adding to each other's questions (they pretty much all focused on family); that's what happens when you've known each other for half your lives!

We then gave the three-minute tour of our house (if you turn this way, you're in the living room), including the messy basement. The rest of the house looked great thanks to all the cleaning we did. If only it would always stay like that--I swear, the dust all came back as soon as she left!

We also had our individual interviews. Mark's last only 3 minutes, but mine was a bit longer since we went over medical issues. They both seemed to go well.

We have our next homestudy visit (this time at our social worker's house) the week of Thanksgiving. We'll have 3-5 visits, depending on how much we get done each visit. I'm hoping that we can do it in three, esp. since they are in the morning and Mark has to take off work for them.

Thanks for your prayers. We really appreciate them!

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