Thursday, December 25, 2008

Please Pray

Mark's grandmother hasn't been doing well recently, and tonight we found out that she is not expected to live through the night. They're already working on funeral arrangements because Grandpa really would like Mark there. I won't be able to go because of Abigail (even if she's born and home in time, we can't leave the state with her until the paperwork is filed). This is going to be especially hard for Grandpa since he's been her caregiver for several years now.

Mark has never lost a grandparent, which makes this even harder. His family is going out in the morning, and Mark is looking at different flights. So far, the best arrangement seems to be leaving on Friday afternoon/evening and coming home on Sunday. (The funeral is tentatively planned for Saturday.) Please pray for his family and for us as we work through all the different emotions and logistics in this situation.


Brittany said...

how very sad, especially this time of year,and with baby girl coming! We will be praying!

Blueberry said...

oh i'm so sorry! praying for you all!

stephanie garcia said...

I'm sorry to hear about Mark's grandmother, especially at this time. God grant you peace and wisdom with the decisions involved!