Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Getting Closer and Chipin

Tonight we had the last of our doctors' appointments, and this one was an in-home follow up to last year's pych. eval. You will be pleased to know that we passed :) It was the first time the doctor met Steven, and aside from his initial shy act, Steven showed off his little personality for him. (Hard to believe, right??) A very nice thing is that the doctor didn't charge us anything and insisted that it was just an update from last year's eval. Mark insisted on paying him something, so we wrote the check for $25. The doctor insisted that if he wrote it for anything more he wouldn't cash it. That was so nice of him, and we thoroughly appreciate it. This also means that we have every piece of paperwork finished! Finally!!

As you may have noticed, I've added a Chipin link on the side. A friend suggested this to me, and I decided to do it, esp. after I've been contacted by several people who want to help out but don't read magazines. I do want to say a huge THANK YOU to those who have ordered magazines. It has been amazing to see who has ordered them, including people that I haven't seen or really even talked to for years. What a blessing!

I spent a good bit of last night working on grant applications and would love to know what organizations some of you other adoptive moms have used. We're praying that we don't have to take out a loan for Abigail's adoption so we can concentrate on paying Steven's loan off as soon as possible.

I put Steven in the bassinet tonight and he though it was fun being rocked back and forth. Of course, by the time I got the camera and stopped rocking him long enough to take a picture, he wasn't enjoying himself quite so much. I can't wait to compare his picture with Abigail's!


Brittany said...

We can't wait to meet little Abigail! HUGS! :)

Katie said...

I didn't know it was a tradition. I got them done after her first round of shots were down. According to the Dr. that was the best time, since she would grow with the. She was 3mo I think. I just gave her a bottle and she was fine. She does't mess with them really, but sometimes they fall out from rolling around in her bed. I didn't know about your little girl. That is so exciting. I'm so sorry I didn't know sooner.. I bet you can't wait. I will be checking in once every couple days. How fun!