Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cake and Cheese!

I love the facial expressions in all of these pictures! You can definitely tell what he was thinking :)

Umm, not too sure about the fire.

Everyone's singing to me!

Yay, Mommy!

Cake is definitely overrated.

Yeah, no doubt about it. . .why did you put this in my mouth??

No, Grandma, isn't not just the sprinkles. I just don't like this stuff.
I don't even want to touch it!

Wait, I can have cheese instead?? Yay!!

So delicious!

Worn out.

Decided to touch it after all. . .it's fun to smash and put in my hair!
Still won't put it in my mouth, though. Time for a bath!


Sarah said...

I just love that he didn't want the cake. Cheese is sure yummy but he needs to learn to like dessert too. THat is so funny. I enjoyed all the pictures. Keep them coming.

stephanie garcia said...

Great commentary! :)

Anonymous said...

great story!!!

Pam said...

Oh my goodness, what adorable first birthday pics!! That is too funny about the cake and cheese. Our oldest son would also have nothing to do with his cake. In contrast to his older sister who very carefully and daintily ate every single bite!! Thanks so much for letting me know how things went when you delivered the items from our family. It gave me such JOY. Truly. It is such a blessing to be able to be a blessing and I thank the Lord for the opportunity to bless them! I commit to praying that you have the opportunity to talk to the birthmom about Jesus.