Saturday, December 20, 2008

Not Today

Well, I think it's safe to say that we won't be having a baby today :( There was an operating room available, but their birthmother didn't go. We're obviously disappointed, and it means that it may end up being an emergency c-section, but it wasn't our decision to make. (And it wasn't one that we saw coming at all.)

We'd still love for it to be in the next few days since that's when Mark can get off work, but we'll just keep praying and waiting.

In other news, the little buddy isn't feeling too hot. (The only redeeming benefit of not having a new baby today.) He got shots about a week and a half ago, and at the time, the doctor told us that he may get a reaction in about 10 days. I had forgotten about it until this evening, but the timing all fits. He's spent most of the day laying on Mark's chest, and he has a fever. He's not acting himself/is very lethargic, but no other symptoms of being sick (vomiting, runny nose, coughing, etc.). Hopefully he feels better very soon!

It could also be that he's embarrassed by his new haircut. (It is rather dreadful looking.) Mark said that it might help if I stop talking about how bad it looks every time I look at him. I just feel bad for the poor little boy, but I know if I try to trim it up, he'll get really upset. It was not a fun experience cutting his hair last night, and I'll give him a few days before touching it again.

I've posted pictures on Facebook, but you can't see the after all that well. It's considerably shorter than it was, and with some trimming and shaping, it should look a lot better. One of these days I might feel up to posting them on here.

Please keep praying for our baby and the birthmother. We all appreciate it, and I'll keep you updated on the situation.


Pam said...

I'm sorry it wasn't today. Yet God knows and it will happen SOON! Praying for a smooth, non emergency c/s. Is there an alternate date scheduled already?

Pam said...

I just got your comment on my blog, so I'm responding right away. We must be online at the same time! Couldn't they schedule it for Monday? With a 2 day stay she would still be home on Christmas Eve. I don't mean to feed your frustration, but I don't understand why they are letting her go so long, risking an emergency c/s. Of course I don't know her unique medical situation, so I, along with you, will trust her Dr and the Lord for a safe delivery. When I had my c/s I was home in 2 days, so that's my frame of reference. Perhaps she would need to stay a bit longer (?). Praying, and very excited for you!! Tomorrow we are celebrating our Little Man's birthday so maybe we could bring the mattress over on Monday?