Monday, December 22, 2008

No New News

That pretty much says it all. We have nothing new to report. There are no scheduled doctors appointments or another c-section date. We've had no direct contact (laying low until the social worker makes contact), and we're just waiting. Baby girl could come any day. The next sceduled c-section date will be after Christmas, but it's always possible that she'll go into labor before then (her due date is Dec. 28). Right now, we're just waiting and working on getting baby girl's room ready.

Getting the room ready is proving to be a bigger challenge than we anticipated. Last year we cleaned out the little buddy's room and moved most of the items into what will now be baby buddy's room. This room was packed with everything imaginable and also served as our office and guest room. Now, we're slowly moving everything out, trying to figure out where we should put it. The computer is staying in there for now, but when she gets to be Steven's age, we'll have to move it out too.

This room has always been the coldest in the house, so we're working on fixing that. We've discovered that at least part of the problem is gaps in the floor boards, so Mark's been taking care of that. As it is right now, this room is way too cold for a baby. (Our room is cold too, but it's not as bad, and we warm it up with the space heater before going to bed.) One of our long term plans is to buy more insulation, but that's not in the budget quite yet.

One nice thing is that the paint perfectly matches the bedding, so that saves us both time and money. It would be nice to do some touch up work, but I don't know if we have any paint left over. (This was one of the rooms we painted when we moved in 5 years ago.) By the time the crib is put up and different things are hung on the wall, no one will really be able to tell, so it's not that big of a deal.

I do have all her clothes hung in her closet, along with a pack of diapers and her bebe pod seat. Her top dresser drawer has a basket of her many socks, her onesies, hair bows, tights, and cloth diapers (pink!). We're to the point where we have pretty much everything we need for her. I've been hitting Craig's List and and have been finding some great deals. Most of what I've been picking up has been for her birthfamily, but I've gotten some things for her as well. This is my first time using either website, and I've been fairly impressed. I've saved so much money that way--esp. on the bedding, bebe pod seat (a little luxury item!), and the BumGenius diapers. If you haven't used either of these sites before, check them out!

In the midst of everything, I'm also starting a new job. I'm going to be working for a tutoring company and doing live online tutoring starting in January. For the first two months, I'll be working one-on-one with students to get them ready for the PSAT. After that, I'll be doing regular tutoring on whatever the student needs help with. It's going to be a challenge with two little ones, but I'm going to schedule it for either early morning or during nap time, at least that's the plan right now :) The company is very flexible, and we set our own hours, which is really nice!

Well, I had better run if I want to get anything done before the little buddy wakes up. I'm trying to cram in as much as I can before the baby comes since I know I won't want to be leaving the house too much then. After Steven wakes up, we're going to be running here, there, and everywhere getting errands taken care of. What fun!

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Pam said...

Did you get my phone messages Rebekah? Why don't you call and let me know when you are home and would like the mattress. I'll just wait to hear from you. Sounds like you are pretty much ready!! Waiting is the hard part, isn't it?