Monday, April 28, 2008

Hey, Good Lookin'

Last week we got a new tv/dsl/phone line package through AT&T. We wanted to go with them before, but they didn't service our neighborhood. A few months ago, they installed a fiber optics system box just across the street, so we switched. It is so weird to have a home phone after almost 5 years without one! (And the price fits our budget!)

The first time it rang (out of only three times in five days!), I can't tell you how much it startled me. It was so loud! I'm used to my cell phone on its level two setting. I am concerned that it will wake Steven up when it rings since you can hear it from anywhere in the house.

I'm also having a hard time adjusting to such a large phone. I asked Mark if we could get a little phone, but he told me that they don't really make them as small as cell phones. Bummer. Still, it's nice to not have to worry so much about my cell phone minutes.

The new tv service is nice too, even though I don't know any of the channel numbers anymore. I've been putting on the preschool music channel for Steven since he loves music and we don't have many cds for him. I am surprised at what they consider preschooler music, though--like the country music song "Hey, Good Lookin.'" I guess that if you take the words at face value, Steven might like to sing about cookin' something up with me :) I'm just glad to have a channel to put it on that he doesn't watch!

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jg_rollins said...

Yes, we did get a zoo membership. If you do it online it is $68 for a family membership which includes admission and parking for an entire year (if you go 2 times it pays for itself). Lilly and I enjoy going on Monday mornings (since I have it off) because they feed the animals in the AM. Let us know if you want to go with us sometime because we don't have to pay for parking with our membership:)