Friday, April 25, 2008

At Least it was a Start

So, he slept through the night on Tuesday, but on Wednesday he was up non-stop. It really wasn't his fault, though, the poor little buddy has a cold :( He hasn't been sick at all since we got him, so this is our first little sickness. He has a hard time breathing and is very congested.

Yesterday morning I put a vaporizer in his room for his nap. It worked okay. He took a decent nap or two, but it was probably hard for him to sleep because we had an AT&T installation guy here to set up our new phone line, DSL, and tv. It was quite loud at times.

However, he was exhausted last night, and we put him down at 8:00. He slept until 1:00, and I fed him a few ounces at that time. When I put him back down, he was fussy for a while because he was having a hard time breathing. I decided to put him in his swing to sleep (it's a nice papasan cradle swing, perfect for sleeping!), and it worked wonderfully. I moved the monitor to the living room, and he slept until 8:00!! A five hour stretch and a seven hour stretch. Not bad at all! (It's a good thing we have rechargeable batteries--seven hours is a long time to run a swing!)

He's still stuffed up today, but I keep using his saline and cleaning out his poor little nose. That seems to help. Right now he's playing away in his jumparoo after a decent nap in his crib. I can't wait until he's all better--I hate having him feel so lousy!

I have some new pictures, but they'll have to wait until later. I have to get running to make it to an appointment!

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