Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Steven's doing pretty well sleeping through the night (minus last night's 3:00 a.m. feeding), but his diapers don't make it that long. After pulling up his sheets again this morning (and having it rip--his nice matching his bumper and everything sheet!!), I'm looking for help. Right now he wears a variety of diapers because that's what we were given. He has pampers swaddlers and huggies supreme gentle care.

We recently switched to size 2, so I don't think that the size is the problem. I tried doubling using a size 3 on top of the size 2. The two nights I did that, he didn't leak through, but the size 3 was completely dry. Last night he was doubled, but Mark forgot to change him after feeding him, so his first diaper was soaked, the second diaper had wet spots on the back, and the back of Steven's clothes along with his sheet were soaked. My point on this is that the second diaper did very little.

I spent some time online reading about other people's stories, but most of them had older children and could limit their intake before bed. If we do that, Steven won't sleep through the night. I've read some about huggies overnight diapers. Has anyone used these? Have you found anything else that has worked?

I am so sick of doing laundry--didn't help today that during tummy time he spit up all over and then put his face in it. That's just gross! I finally decided that I wasn't doing laundry until my mom picked him up to watch him while I sub for a friend tonight. She also took home the ripped (and still dirty) sheet to fix it. My mom's amazing!

I had better run--I have to start getting ready for class (esp. since I lost my notes on what to cover, but since it's the first night and I've taught this class before, I should be okay). And I have to get all the laundry in, including the clothes that I'm wearing since he spit up on those too. He usually doesn't spit up too much, but today was a different story.

If you have any advice, let me know!


Brittany said...

You could get those plastic pants, to put over the diapers. They clean easily (and you could even put them through the washer), and then you wouldn't have to waste a diaper, by layering.

We just had to go through numerous diapers, before we found some that didn't leak. We actually buy Target brand, and we love them!!

Megan said...

I don't know if this would work, but there are diapers called Gdiapers that are actually washable on the outside with disposable inserts. Maybe putting something like an insert inside his diaper would work better than double diapers? Just a thought. Also, Maybe you should just try a level 3 diaper. Taeya's wearing size 1/2 diapers and she's not been leaking out of them as often and I think she's considerably smaller than Steven. (She's 11 lbs). Maybe he just needs a larger size at night.
Also, check out this website: I know they had a great article on diapers and lots of mom's shared what they liked/didn't like.

Megan said...

By the way, it's a level 1 and level 2 diaper that she's wearing not a half size. :) Don't know if that made sense in my last comment.

BECKY LYNN said...

Well, I personally am not a fan or the plastic pants.....but I WAS a fan of the overnight diapers. We HAD to use them for the VERy same reason since Ellie was sleeping through the night so early. They worked REALLY well for us and in the morning they weigh about 3 pounds. Hope it works for you! Let us know!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bekah,
We used Huggies overnights and they were great! They're cheapest at Wal-Mart I found. There are also these things called "Diaper doublers" that a lot of my friends with boy babies have loved. I think you could get info about them on the web, but if not let me know and I'll ask them to give me the details.