Friday, April 11, 2008

Picky Cat!

Our cat always thinks she's starving. At her previous home, she was allowed to free feed, but when we adopted her, we put her on a diet. She has done well on it and is now a good weight. However, she thinks that she's always starving and meows constantly if it's close to meal time (or if she thinks it should be!).

We typically feed her purina indoor cat food, but last time, we had a good coupon and got her iams. This time, we had another really good coupon and got her a different type of cat food, one that she's had before, and I think that it's made by purina.

However, she has decided that she does not like it. Last time she picked out the wheat balls but ate everything else. This time she doesn't want anything to do with it. For a cat who usually inhales her food (you can hear her gulping it in, which is quite gross), this is very weird. Here is what her food dish looked like several HOURS after I fed her earlier this week.

The most impressive part? Her dish still looked like this several hours later, after I had gone out and then come back. Why's that impressive? The dog was home and didn't touch it. Such a good girl!

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