Monday, April 14, 2008

Busy Little Buddy

Yesterday Steven finally decided to start rolling over!! He rolled over four times (front to back each time), three of those in a row. Our biggest challenge is remembering to put him on his belly more. Right now he is back on his blanket on the floor, but I have him on his back because he tends to spit up if he's on his tummy right after eating. He's busy playing with his link-a-doos (his favorite toy) and talking away. The kid loves to watch the tv, and he's got his head turned at an awkward angle so he can watch CNN Headlines news :(

We also tried cereal again last night, and Steven did well with that. He even opened his mouth for us most of the time. He is dying to eat whatever we're having, so I thought that we'd give the cereal another go. Hopefully he continues to like it. I know he's going to love the fruit and veggies when we get to them!

On Saturday, Steven and I went with our friends Katrina and Eli to a couple mom-to-mom sales. We managed to make it in the last 15 minutes for both sales, but as a result, we got some good deals. I spent more than I did last week, but that is partly due to buying lunch in between the sales. Steven got some summer clothes including a pair of swimming trunks that have little lobsters on them, two pairs of short overalls (one jean, one khaki), and a pair of shorts. He also got a bendy bug caterpillar rattle that I had wanted, a cute yellow argyle sweater vest, a leap frog learning drum, a little tikes hammer that we had registered for, as well as a few other toys. Our biggest purchase was a brand new, still sealed in the box Fisher Price Musical Activity Walker. I had been looking for a push toy, so that we nice to find. Our list of things to look for is getting much shorter!

Tonight we have our second post-placement home study visit. I think that we only have one more after this before the adoption is finalized, which should be mid July. Yay! However, our social worker left us a message a looong time ago saying that the court wanted a few more things from me (which, of course, cost a good bit of money), so I'll have to talk to her about that and get everything set up. It will be nice when all of this is finished!

Congratulations to our friend nettiebeau on the upcoming finalization on their adoption!!


Megan said...

Yeah for Steven rolling over. Taeya is so content to just lay around usually. She doesn't make much effort to move.

Hey, my family visitor person (and a parenting magazine) said that you don't have to start with cereals and such. You can start feeding babies fruits and veggies from the beginning of solid foods. So, don't feel afraid to try it. They also said that it's important to start finger foods as soon as they can pick them up because it will help them be less picky. Just my 2 cents...use it or not. :)

Annette B. said...

Good job, Steven :). And thank you for your will be nice to have this all behind us, huh??