Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Since Steven is no longer sleeping through the night, I haven't fully tested them, but I LOVE Huggies Supreme Ultra Care. They are much thicker than the Pampers Swaddlers and seem a ton more absorbant. I forgot to change him while we were out the other day (for a really long time), and the diaper was huge, but it didn't leak. Yay!

I also bought some lap pads to put under him when he sleeps. So far I haven't had to use them.

Thanks for all your great advice. (BTW, Huggies Overnights start at size 3, but we'll probably try them when we get there!)


Megan said...

Hey, I thought you'd be interested in hearing this. Two families in my church were trying to adopt through the same agency in our area. One family had two birth mother's pick them only to be told that the birth mother changed her mind. They were just about ready to give up and take a break for awhile when they were told that there was a baby waiting for them! (They have one son of their own who is about 2 and now they have a little black baby!)
The other family has three children of their own about ages 11, 9, and 7. They've been going through the adoption process and were waiting for their fingerprints to come back for quite awhile. They finally got their prints back on Friday and they assumed it'd be awhile before they got a baby. They got the call THE NEXT DAY! What's really interesting is that both adoptive mother's were able to pick up their babies at the same time out in FL because they both got the calls within a day of each other. So, now, we'll have to beautiful black baby boys in our church. :) Pretty neat huh?

Megan said...


Megan said...

I'm pretty sure they used a small local agency called "Littlest Angels." I'm not sure but they might be connected with Bethany in some way. I'll have to check on that. At our MOPS meeting on Friday the topic we discussed was Adoption/and FostAdopt programs. The lady who started Littlest Angels was one of the speakers.