Friday, October 5, 2007

Weekly Wrap

1. My classes are going extremely well this quarter. I have a really good group of students in my Comp. I class, and that is fairly rare, especially in the fall. I just need to keep on top of the grading and prepping a bit better :)

2. The weather has been really warm this week. Today it's supposed to be high 80s :( I don't like warm weather in the summer, and I definitely don't like it in the fall!

3. My friends Joe and Marie had their baby this week. Jackson Joseph was born yesterday morning. Big sister Maddie is excited but doesn't know why yet :)

4. Parisian has free giftwrapping on all infant clothes (up to 24 months)! They also have good clearance sales right now, and if you shop on "Wild Wednesdays," you get an extra 15-20% off!

5. Other birthdays this week: my dad (yesterday), my sister-in-law Beth (yesterday too), and my Aunt Becky (Tuesday), and Kristen H. today! Happy Birthday, everyone!!

6. We got our window replaced yesterday. That is one thing we can check off our "things to do before the homestudy" list.

Don't you just love all the neighbor's overgrowth outside our window?? At least it gives us some privacy--I don't have to worry about keeping the shade down anymore since there is no way you could ever see out of his window let alone into ours from his house!

7. Tomorrow is our church's HUGE mom-to-mom sale. If you work at the sale, you get to shop an hour early. The shifts are three hours long, but if you do manual labor, they are shorter. Guess who helped load the u-haul and was done in less than an hour last night?? I'm also selling stuff at the sale under my friend's number (mostly leftover books that were donated for the garage sale last weekend).

8. Tomorrow is also a WM open house/party at Meadowlands Landfill. Yeah!! Actually, the open house is at the adjoining country club/golf course, but we'll be taking a bus tour of the landfill. I know that you all wish that you worked for WM right about now!! Oh yeah, and FREE HOT DOGS!!! That is a big deal for me :)

The boy and a truck

(at the Howell Balloonfest a few years ago)


Megan C. said...

Thanks for the update. :) Hope the sale is fun! I would LOVE going to something like that. I especially enjoyed your last paragraph about the WM tour and hot dogs. I can't even imagine going on a tour of a landfill while pregnant unless I had a gas mask and even then I don't think I'd be going. I've eaten a grand total of 1 bite of a hot dog while pregnant and that also was plenty for me. Hope you enjoy your tour and gourmet meal!

Brittany said...

Ohhh a weekly wrap... good idea ;) haha.

Actually, thanks for the updates! The window is very nice, and free hot dogs are awesome!