Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Exciting News!

No, it's not about a baby, but it's still exciting. Today Mark got called into his sales manager's office (or something like that), and he was basically told that he is getting a promotion!! That is exciting, but even more is that this will include a pay raise (no, not all promotions come with pay raises). WM has strict salary caps for each position, and Mark had hit that point in his current position a while ago. They are basically creating a new position for Mark, so that means that there is no official salary cap.

That is really good news! He works so hard, and it has been really frustrating for both of us to know that he wouldn't get any more raises (other than cost of living increase). This is a huge relief as we are coming up on the next two adoption payments and as we figure out how much I'll have to work after the baby comes.

God is so good!


Brittany said...

God provides in the best ways, doesn't He?

Anonymous said...

praise the Lord for the promotion & raise! that is awesome!

jennifer davis...