Thursday, October 11, 2007

Going to Pennsylvania!

We are leaving for PA this afternoon to go to BBC's homecoming and to see Lauren and Mark's family. Mark's brother, Andy, and my friend Amy are coming with us, so it'll be a full car!

I'm so excited to get away for a while. Mark and I really need the break. Life has been very busy for him recently, and I've had a lot of things that I 've needed to deal with as well. And, of course, it's alwys nice to see family!


Anonymous said...

I hope you all have a TERRIFIC time!!

Brittany said...

That is so funny you asked me about swings!!!!

Just today, we decided we were going to buy the papasan swing. Here's why:

The swing we have is GREAT! The music is great, the side-to-side swinging is awesome, but it EATS batteries like crazy. We are spending $8.00 a week on batteries for this thing. BUT it is SO necessary to have a swing, because Matthew loves it.

So, we thought if we could find the papasan at a resale store (which we did, for $65) then in the long run, we would save money, since it plugs into the wall.

I wish they made the "normal" swings able to plug in, but I have yet to find one.

Luckily, my sister let us borrow the swing so we didn't waste money on it (minus the $32 a month we have shelled out for batteries in the last 3 months).

So.... As nice as the swing is we have, it just too pricey to make it run- so my advice is to find one with an A/C adapter!!!

Good luck! :) Hope PA was fun!!!!

Sarah said...

Hey Bekah. Sorry I have not checked the blog in awhile. My computer is dead and I have to wait until the evening to borrow Chris'. I had fun reading all your blogs and catching up on how you are doing. I hope everything goes well for the home study. God will bring just the right baby into your life at the right time. It is so neat to see God working in your life.