Thursday, October 25, 2007

She is so spoiled!

So this is Josie's current favorite sleeping spot. I found her lounging on top of the quilt rack earlier last week and took her off because I didn't want her chewing the ribbon on one of my blankets.

But then I felt bad for her. I went and found another blanket, put it on top of the ribbon one, and picked Josie up off the couch and put her back on top of the quilt rack. As I was running out the door for work, I realized what I had done. No wonder she thinks the world revolves around her!

I interrupted her beauty sleep.

You can stack them on her, but she's not moving! (Although she did manage to push this one off onto the floor.)

At least the dog is still down to earth. Well, except for thinking that she and Mark have a time share on his side of the bed. Oh what have we done??

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