Sunday, October 21, 2007

Moving and Rearranging

Yesterday we spent the day moving Mark's desk out of what was his office but is now the nursery and into my study. I was really dreading doing this, but it turned out okay. I had my study perfect looking, but his desk doesn't look too bad, and we can still pull out the trundle bed.

We also got our "new" computer set up. Andy gave us his old computer (thanks Andy!!!), so Mark set that up on our desk. We don't have the internet hooked up on it yet though. Once we do, I have some fun pictures and video clips to post. Andy left all the family pictures on the hard drive for us, so it was fun looking at them all yesterday. I found pictures of Mark with his doggy and seal that his parents found and passed on to us last week. I can't wait to get pictures of our baby with Mark's old things (as well as wearing a few of his old outfits his mom gave us last week). That will be fun!

I'll put up pictures of our new office once we have it completely finished. The nursery will take a bit longer. We have to strip wallpaper and finish cleaning it out--the main thing left to clean out is my scrapbooking stuff. It's kind of everywhere right now. I'm putting that in our new office closet, but that requires cleaning that out first. Does it ever end??

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Brittany said...

No it never ends! And it gets worse once you have babies involved! But, it's the best thing ever, too :)