Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Slowing Down

Last Wednesday through Friday I had a hard time breathing, which I attributed to my asthma. On the news they said that this is the worst time of the year for asthma, so it seemed to make sense. The only thing that didn't make sense was that my inhalers didn't help at all. I wasn't able to take full breaths, and needless to say, that was very frustrating.

I finally called my doctor on Friday morning (while at MOPS), and she wanted to me come in right away. It was our first MOPS meeting since before Christmas, and I told her that I had no intention of missing it :) I agreed to come in as soon as it was over unless it got worse at which point she said I would need to call 911 (yeah right!).

I went right before MOPS ended, and they hooked me up to a nebulizer (my first time). I then started feeling faint and was very shaky. The main doctor came in (at this point there were two doctors, two nurses, and my two babies with me in the room) and had them stop it right away. He listened to my lungs and said that it wasn't my asthma, which is why the nebulizer made it worse. He had my lie down and they took Steven and Michelle out of the room and played with them so I could actually rest.

Instead, he said that I was too stressed. It had been a very busy week. I wasn't sleeping well, and that just added to the stress. I don't remember what we did Monday, but I'm sure we did something. We had Bible study Tuesday morning and then went up to my work for an African dance/music presentation. Wednesday we had small group and something else that I can't remember. Thursday we had a play date and went out for my birthday. Friday we had MOPS. In short, we were just too busy.

My parents ended up coming to pick me up and drive my car home. They took the babies home with them so I could rest, and I slept for a long, long time.

We've purposely slowed down this week. I cancelled our play dates and cleared our schedule. I planned on still going to Bible study, but I was up late the night before (finishing my homework!), so we didn't go. I hate missing Bible study, and it is one thing I refuse to cut from my schedule. I've also been able to get out of the house by myself (just to Costco, but still something). It's helping, but it's still a bit crazy here at home with a 6 week old and a 14 month old.

To top it off, Steven's been getting up earlier than he was last month. Granted he's still better than most babies, but he went from getting up at 10:30-11:30 to getting up around 9:00 or earlier (and still goes to be at the same time--between 8:00 and 9:00). Trust me, I'm not complaining! It just adds more to my day.

A good thing is that Steven is doing much better with Michelle. He hugs and kisses her and likes to show me her eyes (not good!), nose, mouth, and hair. He kisses her and gives her her pacifier if she's crying, although I saw him take it out of her mouth first today. He's not very jealous, and I'm so thankful for that. I can now hold her without him having a meltdown.

His pronunciation of words is getting much better to. Before we were working on the first sound of the words (ch ch for cheese and p p for please), and just in the last day or two he's been saying cheese and peas. He uses peas non stop when he wants something and doesn't understand why he can't have it. We had fun this morning when he wanted Lucky Charms instead of Cheerios. (Can you tell daddy started that??) He finally stopped asking, but he never did eat his Cheerios.

I just realized how long this is, so I'll stop. I'll try to post pictures sometime soon. I got a few cute ones of him reading in his crib this morning :)


Blueberry said...

oh dear! do try to take it easy my dear... although i know that that is nearly impossible to do some days, especially with two little children!
can't wait to see some pictures of your two cuties!!!

Pam said...

I'm sorry for your ER trip. It is always amazing to me how much stress can affect us, physically. Glad you are slowing down. I know it's hard with 2 so young and close together, but you NEED to take it as easy as you can!! I used to force myself to take naps when my 3 (in 3 years) were all napping. It was hard because I wanted to "get things done", when taking care of myself was the absolute most important thing I could have done. Praying for you when the Lord brings you to mind!