Friday, February 27, 2009

Cell Phone Fundraiser

We've started a new fundraiser since we still have a long way to go in paying for Michelle's adoption. It is our goal to pay for the entire adoption at finalization instead of taking out an adoption loan like we did with Steven (and which we will be making payments on for quite a while). So far, we've raised about $400 toward the $9,500 or so that we still owe.

The agency has subsidized our adoption through their own fundraising, and they are letting us defer payment until finalization (sometime around July or August) instead of requiring it at placement (December 29th), which is at least a 7 month difference.

The new fundraiser is collecting and recycling old cell phones (working or not). The company then pays us for each cell phone (from $1 to over $30 depending on model). It's an easy way to raise money, and it keeps cell phones out of landfills. This works best for local readers or readers who live near Mark's family. However, you're always welcome to mail them to us :)

We are also continuing our magazine sales/renewals fundraiser. It's a great way to buy or renew a magazine at up to 85% off newstand prices and help us out at the same time. (We get 40% of all sales for our adoption fund.) Thank you so much for everyone who has already bought magazines!

Our final fundraiser that we have right now is the chip in listed on the sidebar. It allows people to donate money directly to our cause if they don't have cell phones to recycle or any magazines that they want to subscribe to or renew.

I'm also continuing to sell lia sophia jewelry. I'd love to do a party at your home, or you could do a book show. I would make money for the adoption, and you'd get great hostess benefits! A new catalog just came out this month, and there are many new pieces, and there are great specials every month. You can view an online catalog here.

This summer I'll also be holding another fundraising garage sale (if you have anything you want to donate to that, let me know!) Our fundraiser sale for Steven raised almost $1,000 (mostly due to donated items)!

I hate to sound like I'm begging, but we're still far from our goal. We are trying to avoid selling any stocks right now because we'd lose so much money on them.

Most of all, we appreciate your prayers for us. We have no doubt that God will provide the funds in His way and timing. We're thankful for these different fund raising ideas that God has provided, and if you have any other ideas, please let us know (unfortunately, we are not eligible for grants.)!

Thank you for your prayers and any help that you might be able to give. We have been blessed beyond measure, and so many of you have already been used by God to help and encourage us. We appreciate every prayer and penny.

Thank you!


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