Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Birth Announcements Photos

Today we finally got around to taking pictures for their birth announcements. We never got ones out for Steven, so I decided to just send joint ones. A friend gave us these amazingly cute outfits for them, and we had to wait until Michelle grew into hers.

Kissing Baby Sis!

"Hugging" Baby Sis

Squashing Baby Sis

Finally, one we can use!

Just couldn't resist getting one of the little buddy laughing
at peek-a-boo!

We didn't order to0 many for now, so they're all going out of state family (didn't have enough money to order more). I'm hoping to get more soon, so I can send some out to friends as well.


Brittany said...

Out of state family, eh?? ;) yay!

stephanie garcia said...

How adorable! They resemble each other so much. :)

Patti said...

Sweet! I especially love #4 .

Blueberry said...

too cute! LOVE the outfits!

Pam said...

Oh, those are so adorable!!!

As far as the crib mattress...I will be home this afternoon (Wed) after 2:30 and all day Thursday. Friday is co-op but we are home after 1:30. Email me at gglc_pam@yahoo.com to let me know when you're coming. Or call. Do you have my number? Thanks!!

Price Family said...

Your children are beautiful. I love reading your blog.

I made a little picture thing for you if you would email me I'll email it to you.

My email is toniaprice75@yahoo.com


Katie said...

Wow they look a like funny isn't it? SO cute!!

Anonymous said...

they resemble each other so much! That is awesome that you have bro and sis!!