Wednesday, February 4, 2009


This morning, Steven found a bag that I had laying around. I saw him pick it up and didn't think anything about it until I looked up and saw him ready to load it full of dvds! He knows that he's not allowed to pull them off the shelf, yet he was ready to risk it hoping that I wouldn't notice.

I got him up and put a ball in it instead. We then filled it full of balls, which he thought was the coolest thing ever. This kid loves balls! (When we tell him that the nursery has balls, he can't ditch us fast enough!)

His excitement at the balls in the bag makes me a little scared of what Halloween will be like this year. Although, he'll probably get better treats than the lollipops he got last year. He (meaning I)needs chocolate!


Melodie said...

cute boy!

Brittany said...

We really don't need to buy toys, as parents. I mean...they always love the boxes and the bags. SO why do we waste all of our money? WHY?

Molly said...

I love boys and their fascination with balls! And, it seems to really not end! The good thing is that it's fairly easy to entertain them and they don't cost much!

I love these can see the excitement in all of them!

Blueberry said...

goodness he is cute!
sprout LOVES balls too. and bean has always loved bags, she still fills bags up and carries them aroung the house and she is 3.5! :)