Monday, October 6, 2008

Sick Little Boy

Yeah, the little buddy's sick. He's had a runny nose for weeks, and now he's coughing. He's woken up early the last few days coughing for up to an hour. Fortunately, he's fallen back to sleep and slept for another few hours a couple times.

He's had a fever, but I don't know how high since our thermometer isn't the greatest. Tylenol seemed to help with that though. This kid LOVES medicine. It's rather scary. When I got out the tylenol today, he actually started quivering with excitement! (And it's not just because it's cherry flavored--he loved his gas drops and oral vaccine too!)

Tomorrow, we're going to start giving him pedialyte since his digestive system is not quite working. Needless to say, we're using disposable diapers. Interestingly enough, he isn't acting exceptionally sick. He's still playing, and other than dinner tonight, he's been eating as usual, but that could be due to the graham crackers.

I'm praying that he get's better soon. We're staying home from Bible study tomorrow, but I go back to work on Wednesday :(


Blueberry said...

oh no! i hope he feels better soon!

Kristen Hamilton said...

Hey Bekah,
Did Sarah have her baby? I was just wondering because she hasn't posted in over a week and she'd been posting so frequently. Sorry to hear that Stephen is sick :( Gabi loved his penguin pictures!

Maddie and Jack's Momma said...

Maddie and Jack both had something with similar symptoms about 2 weeks ago. Jack's is still lingering, but Maddie's went away quickly. I never took them to the dr, but spoke to the nurses a lot and know that there is a virus with these symptioms going around now. I hope he feels better soon. It is never easy when your baby is sick:(

Rebeckah said...

I will pray too! Be thankful that he likes medicine! It is super stressful whe they don't like medicine and you have to force it in them!