Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One More Checked Off!

We finished our formal application today. Yay!! They now have you do it online which is so nice because we don't have to wait to have it mailed to us and then mail it back to the agency. Now we just wait.

We're praying that we can get through the entire process quickly because we'll only have a narrow timeframe to apply for grants. You have to have an approved homestudy (almost always), and most places won't take applications post-placement. That's why we couldn't apply for grants for Steven's adoption--it was only a few hours between approval and placement!

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Megan said...

At my Bible study, I was praying for the adoption and mentioned the circumstances. One of my friends asked if rather than going through an agency, if it would be possible for Ebony to just sign over the baby to you. Two of my friends have friends who have done this. I don't know what that would require or even if it would be possible but I was wondering if this is something you could consider?