Friday, October 31, 2008

New Camera!

Yesterday we were at Target and decided to look at their cameras. My sister graciously loaned us her old one, but it only had 48mb of memory sticks. We also just wanted a new one to have since we like to take pictures of the little buddy and will definitely be taking pictures of our new baby buddy!

One problem we were having with our old camera (which was over 7 years old!) was how dark the pictures were coming out. They would look okay on the screen, but once I downloaded them onto the computer, they were very dark. With our little mocha man, that just wasn't working so well.

The worker at Target talked to us about the ISO on the cameras and explained how it made a huge difference in the lighting. I'd never even heard of the ISO, so I'm really glad that we talked to the person. They had one at Target that we liked, but it was a little bit more than we wanted to spend.

We decided to check out the selection at Wal-Mart, and they had the same camera at the price we had set. Yay!! The drawback, according to Mark, was that it was pink. I considered that a bonus of course! When the worker went to get it, she asked if we wanted it in black or pink, and we both answered at the same time with different answers. I won, though, since I use the camera more than he does :)

I tested it out this morning on Steven (of course!) as he ate his breakfast. I decided to let him feed himself everything instead of giving him a mix of finger foods and feeding him myself. He had fun and did a good job of getting everything cleaned up in the end--even his face didn't look too bad!

That is cottage cheese, cereal, and applesause on his tray just in case you were wondering :)

I'm excited to try out our new camera tonight as our little tiger goes trick-or-treating. (I need some candy!) We're just going to a few people's houses, ones that we know. I'm not crazy enough to take him door to door around the whole neighborhood.

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Sarah said...

You guys are sure keeping busy. I'm so excited that you're going to have another baby. I'll be good for Steven to have a sibling. We'll be praying.