Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Double Stroller!

We found a double stroller! I am beyond excited because it matches our car seat and single stroller. It is a Graco duo glide, and the only one I could find that matched our car seat/stroller was a Graco quatro, which is about $100 more. (Apparently they don't make the one we bought any more.) I went to Once Upon a Child, for only about the third time ever, to look for a lion costume for Steven. We already had a different one, but now that he can roar, I thought it would be nice to have a lion costume :) We got a Tiger which is close enough.

Anyway, I looked at their double strollers, and they were about the same as the ones I was finding on Craig's list. Right before we left, though, I decided to take a quick peak at the girls stuff, and in that aisle was our stroller. It's in great condition, and we got it for much less than the new ones I had just looked at at Babies R Us. I feel like I'm pushing a bus, but that's just how double strollers are.

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stephanie garcia said...

I am SO excited for you!!