Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Little Penguin

Earlier this week, I dressed Steven in a penguin costume that my aunt and uncle gave us when Steven was born. It was especially fitting since he LOVES the penguins at the zoo. Steven's main complaint about the costume was that it didn't have an opening at the bottom for her feet. I had him standing up in it when we were playing in his bedroom, but by the time we found the camera in the living room, he was less than thrilled to be wearing it.

Finally! A smile. Of course, the picture taken right after this is of him crying again. Oh well, he's over it now :)

**This isn't his Halloween costume--he's a little lobster for that!**


Brittany said...

ha ha ha. What a cute little penguin!

stephanie garcia said...

"I'm praying with you for an impossibly fast adoption."

-Thank you!!! That is my daily (hourly!!) prayer!!

Megan said...

So adorable. Love the penguin outfit!

Tracy said...

So cute!! Both my boys were penguins last year.

Sarah said...

I love the crying picture. That is so funny.