Monday, October 27, 2008


Preliminary Application--Done
Formal Application--In progress, should be done by tonight!
Mark's Physical--Scheduled for Nov. 18
Rebekah's Physical--Scheduled for Oct. 30
Self-Study (Saved answers from last time!)--
Homestudy Interviews--
Homestudy Approved--
Bring Baby Home--

In the meantime, I start a new job on Monday. It's a full-time temp. job grading the elementary MEAP tests. I worked with the same company last year, only that time I was grading standardized 8th grade creative writing exams for the state of New Jersey. The project is scheduled to last 4-6 weeks, depending on how many scorers they have and how fast we work. That means that I should be done right around the new baby's due date.

Before next Monday, we have to buy a car. There's no way that Mark and I can both work full time (and in opposite directions) without two cars. Please pray that we find the right car at a price that we can afford. We haven't had a car payment for years, but since we don't want to sell any stocks right now, it looks like we're going to be making payments again, at least for a little while.

Steven's birthmother wants me to go with her to any ultrasound appointments (yay!), so we are waiting to hear from the social worker when they are scheduled. We would really like to know the gender so we can start getting things in order. I went to a mom-to-mom sale this weekend and picked up a few girl things. I got several really cute outfits/shirts, and I didn't spend much money at all. The one thing I am looking for, though, is a double stroller. There's a mom-to-mom sale in two weeks that has 150 tables, so I'll definitely be checking that one out!

We've also been looking at baby names. I got a book at the sale this weekend, but it doesn't have too many names in it. We made a list, but we want to look at at least one more book before making any decisions. So far, we have a boy's name we both like enough to possibly use, and we've decided on a girl's middle name. We don't have an easy last name to match, so we don't want a name that begins or ends with a c or k, and the name has to be at least two syllables. If you want to leave any suggestions, go for it (not that we'll necessarily listen to any of you!). Please just don't include our last name if you know it.


dorothy said...

Congratulations! Our #7 and #8 girls are full sibs 12 months apart and we had 3 weeks notice of the second ones arrival. We got the call that April was pregnant the day before Thanksgiving and then Noel was born 12/16 and we brought her home 12/20. What fun that you get to share in the pregnancy and expectancy of this new little one. I will be praying that the finances sort themselves out and that you are not stressed about them at all! Happy car shopping. :)

Pam said...

Do you prefer old fashioned names? Bible names? Or trendy names? Praying for wisdom as you car shop and make plans for baby!

BECKY LYNN said...

Haha! We are dealing with the same thing with baby names for T is we get to adopt and change his name. We have the same criteria....2 syllables, not beginning with P or ending in P (like Philip). It's HARD! We just can't decide. We DO, however have a middle name, which is his first name now so that adds something more to it.....geesh. Me, I am partial to the name "Elisa" fr a girl. Haha :)

your beloved sister said...

mom likes jamal.
and i like samson.

anything is better than abner in other words. :)