Friday, October 17, 2008


We had our first word this week, and it was kitty! I wasn't sure at first if he were saying it intentionally, but this afternoon I could tell that he was. He's said it several times, and each time he is either petting Josie or she has come in the room, so it is said in connection with her.

Both the critters do exceptionally well with Steven. He LOVES them and wants to pet them whenever they're around. They always let him, and we've been working with him on being gentle. It's funny to watch because he pats them. Of course, he also pulls on their fur (which we stop), but the critters haven't gotten upset with him. Maybe it feels like a deep tissue massage :) Once Josie walked away and went behind the couch (one of her favorite spots). Poor Steven kept looking for her and couldn't figure out where she had gone.

Tonight he decided to step over Sadie. If you don't know Sadie, she's a 68 lb. Golden Retriever. I was surprised that he was mostly successful. He didn't get his balance quite right and ended up falling on Sadie--in a way that had him sitting on her. After sitting there for a second or two, he got this huge grin on his face and so excited. Sadie didn't seem to mind either.

I've heard him say doggy once or twice (again, when he sees or is petting Sadie), but it hasn't been consistent enough for me to count it as a word yet. He's also said fishies, but I don't think he knew what he was saying. We were reading a book about animals, and he repeated the word after me.

Here are a few old pictures of Steven and his kitty. She was quite daring to be lounging under a jumparoo!


Blueberry said...

i can't believe that the cat is UNDER the jumperoo! HA!

you know, i wondered when i was going to slip up and use one of my kids real names in a post. i guess it was friday. ;) interestingly you seem to have been the only one who noticed!

Pam said...

Yay!!!! First words are awesome!