Saturday, April 25, 2009


Steven's all-time favorite word is vacuum. I have even heard him saying it while playing in his crib before getting up in the morning. Several times a day he goes into the coat closet to visit the vacuum cleaner. He pulls it as far out as he can and carries the attachments around with him while he plays. He blows it kisses and even kisses the vacuum cleaner itself. I think you get the idea of how much he LOVES the vacuum!

So while we were waiting for Aunt Katie to get off work after Bible study on Tuesday, I let Steven play in the church's walker nursery. (I left him in the infant nursery since he wasn't walking when Bible study started, so he'd never been in there before.) You can imagine his excitement when I showed him the toy vacuum. I think I need to find one for our house!

The pictures aren't the greatest because my hand tremors were acting up (and no, nothing is wrong--I just have them), and the pictures are all blurred as a result.

Checking it out.

Testing it to see how well it works.

Looks good!

Even a little boy needs a break from vacuuming!

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Megan said...

So adorable. I love the pictures. I know a little boy who is now about 4 who has a HUGE infatuation with vacuums as well. He was telling me last fall about how Santa was going to bring him a new vacuum at Christmas. He already had two at home...I don't think Santa brought him another one. When he walked into my house, the first thing he did was point to a closet and ask if my vacuum was in there. haha Sounds like Steven's well on his way.