Saturday, April 25, 2009

That's what happens. . .

when you insist on pulling your hair and screaming non-stop!

Michelle began pulling her hair and getting her fingers knotted in it and then screaming as if I were the one doing it. Needless to say, it gets old very fast, so I came up with a solution--hats. However, that didn't always work. She'd pull them off or they'd be too big and would fall off.

One day, in desperation, I pulled out Steven's swim diaper from last summer (clean!) that I was packing up and put it on her head. It actually worked perfectly because the elastic was tight enough to keep it on her head without being too tight and giving her a headache. An added bonus are the leg holes that doubled as vent holes!

This is what I found when I came back a little bit later. She was out cold, and I left her this way until she woke up. It wasn't covering her nose, and I was afraid that she'd wake up if I tried to fix it. You have to admit, it is quite the look!

A few more "normal" pictures of the peanut on her playmat. She smiles all the time now, even when she's just looking at the couch. However, it's still hard to capture those smiles at times!

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stephanie garcia said...

This is too cute! What a creative mom. :)