Monday, April 27, 2009

"Helping" Daddy

Steven, Michelle, and I spent a couple hours outside after he woke up from his nap. We played with the wagon, learned about the wind chime, rode around in his car, and Michelle enjoyed her bouncy seat. Steven once again surprised me with his knowledge when he pointed to the tree leaves and said "leaves." I'm amazed at how much he picks up on his own. Just the other day, he pointed to something I was holding and told me it was blue (and it was)!

Anyway, after taking a walk around the neighborhood (where we saw someone using a leaf blower that Steven thought was a vacuum), we saw Mark getting ready to take out the trash. Steven decided to "help" him out. Actually, Steven wanted to do it himself, but we didn't let him since we knew it was way too heavy.

I got some cute pictures of them taking the can to the curb. (And isn't that one of the cutest outfits you've ever seen?!)

It is such a blessing to have Steven in our life, and I love how much he loves his daddy!

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Earl's Family said...

Yes, that outfit is EXTRAORDINARILY cute! I esp. love the HAT!