Friday, June 27, 2008

On the Move!

Today during tummy time, Steven started pushing himself backwards. It wasn't the direction that he wanted to go, so he wasn't necessarily happy about it, but it was fun to watch. He did the same thing yesterday, but he didn't have much space to move, and he started to get upset, so I picked him up. Today was the farthest he's made it before crying.

Happy to have all his toys "near" him.

Getting ready to try to move forward to get more toys.

Not the direction he wanted to go!

Getting further away.

Wondering why mom's not helping him out.

Waiting for help.

Even further away!

So tired of it all!

Almost completely off the blanket.

It's looking hopeless.

How did I get this far away from my toys??

About to hit his head on his booster seat and have a mini meltdown.

**Notice his gorgeous crazy quilt?? His Aunt Beth MADE it for him! We LOVE it!!**


stephanie garcia said...

These pictures are so cute!!

Annette B. said...

Too funny! Sounds like he's doing so well :). Lucas used to end up going backwards too...he finally figured out the forward motion and hasn't stopped moving since!!

Blueberry said...

great series of photos!
and that is a wonderful quilt!!

Sarah said...

I remember Bekah starting to scoot back. She wasn't pleased either. I love the series of pictures. It tells the whole story. About two weeks after going backward, bekah started crawling forward and moving all over.

Congratulations on your baby dedication. That is a special day. Love the pics.

Megan said...

Yeah for movement. Taeya is trying to crawl but she ends up staying in place. She can however scooch around in half circles when she's on her back. I love the crazy quilt. It inspired me to pull out a really pretty, colorful quilt we were given for Taeya for her to play on. Steven's definitely looking older.

Anonymous said...

That is halarious!

Pam said...

Soooo cute! I loved seeing the whole progression, and the quilt is just gorgeous.