Thursday, June 19, 2008

Garage Sale Day!

Today is the first day of our neighborhood's annual garage sale weekend. Mark and I were up late last night cleaning out the garage and dragging things up from the basement. Our garage is generally pretty clean (helps to have a 2.5 car garage with built-in storage!), but we've amassed quite a few large toys for the little buddy this year that take up a lot of space.

So far, he has TWO Little Tikes Cozy Coupe cars (both free in the neighbor's trash!), a Little Tikes picnic table ($3, and not really faded at all!), a ride-on toy with push handle, two Little Tikes ride-on toys (25 cents each at a garage sale!), a Little Tikes wagon (my absolute favorite!! I use it to carry groceries to the house.), and a Little Tikes work bench with tools ($3!). Wow, now that I've listed it all out, that's a lot of stuff! No wonder it took so much moving and reorganizing last night! His next size up car seat is also out there, as was his pack and play (never made it inside after our trip to Iowa for Easter!). We've also let things spread out a bit since we only have one car now.

I have a good bit of stuff in the garage sale, but it's not as much as I thought it was. After our last garage sale last year (we had three, the last two being adoption fundraisers), we took two van loads of stuff to Salvation Army. I guess that I'd forgotten that. There are a lot of books out there though. I'm finally parting with A LOT of my books from grad school. (I was a literature major, so you can imagine my collection!) Anyone interested in lit anthologies from every possible category??

I've also having a bake sale to raise money for friends who are adopting two baby boys from Haiti. I've haven't been able to do as much with that as I would like since we had company all last week and I was sick the first half of this week. I hope to have more stuff to put out for that on Saturday. I'm praying I can raise a good amount of money for them! I'm also praying that the forecasted rain doesn't come until after I'm done for the day.

Well, I should be getting ready for the garage sale instead of just sitting here writing about it :) If you live around here, stop by and see me. Our little sub has 27 garage sales this weekend!! I'll let you know how things go!


stephanie garcia said...

I am excited to hear how everything goes!! You have been a great encouragement to me. (:

Pam said...

You wouldn't by any chance have a Norton's Anthology that you're selling, would you? Let me know, I may be interested!